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Penalty Group 2 & 2-A Drugs

When a person is charged with a drug offense the possible severity of punishment depends on the amount of that substance and the Penalty Group it is associated with. Most controlled substances are classified into different Penalty Groups with the exception of marijuana.

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     Penalty Group 2    

Penalty Group 2 Drugs include but are not limited to:

  • Ecstasy or MDMA

  • PCP (Phencyclidine)

  • Mescaline

  • Marinol

  • Psilocybin (Mushrooms)

Penalty Group 2A Drugs include but are not limited to:

  • Synthetic Cannabinoids, often referred to as K2

Synthetic Marijuana or K2 is a mixture of herbs and spices that is typically sprayed with a synthetic compound chemically similar to THC, the psychoactive ingredients in marijuana. The chemical compounds typically include HU-210, HU-211, JWH-018, and JWH-073. Synthetic cannabanoids can cause permanent damage or even death.

   Penalty Group 2-A   

An outline of the Schedules of Controlled Substances can be found at the Texas Department of State Health Services website or downloaded below.

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