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How to Get the Most Out of Your Attorney

1. Be Honest

The attorney is there to help and represent you in your time of legal need. In order for them to prescribe the best course of action for your case, you need to be 100% transparent with them. If you’re skeptical about admitting any fault, remember they are bound by client-attorney privilege and cannot work against your best interest. Do not speak with anyone else about the facts surrounding your case, this would waive the privilege you established with your attorney.

2. Be Efficient

Whether submitting documents or sending an email to your attorney, be efficient. Organize all the files that you wish to give to your attorney and that will maximize their efficiency in handling your case. If you have any questions or statements for your attorney, create a comprehensive list with bullet points in an email for your attorney to answer at one time. This saves both you and the attorney both precious time and resources.

3. Leave a Message Email/Text

Attorneys are very busy workers. They constantly have to be filing documents, running to the court, and communicating with different clients all the while helping you. With this in mind, send your attorney an email instead of a phone call. This allows them to take the time to communicate with you more comprehensively and efficiently.

4. Document Everything

Be sure to document all emails, text messages, phone calls, and photos that are relevant for your case. Think of your attorney as a gunslinger and each piece of documentation ammunition to help defend you.

5. Be Patient

This one is simple but very often forgotten. Courts take a long time to process paperwork. Bureaucracy is the court’s main function. It can be the equivalent of a very long line at the DMV for the attorney and you. So please, be patient and remain at ease with knowing that your attorney is doing their best for you.

6. Lastly, Choose the Right Attorney

Have a list of questions when you have your initial consult or meeting with your attorney. Make sure your attorney is familiar with the court, judge, and district attorneys specific to your case. Go with your gut. When choosing your attorney, be sure to find one that you feel comfortable trusting.

If you are in a difficult legal situation, feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns.


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