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Marijuana Allegations

When a person is charged with a drug offense the possible severity of punishment depends on the amount of that substance and the Penalty Group it is associated with. Most controlled substances are classified into different Penalty Groups with the exception of marijuana.

Please contact us today so we can form a defense strategy for you or your loved one. The faster we can get started on the case the more we can do to help.

The Law Office of Sarah Coco Morris has handled numerous cases regarding allegations of marijuana and THC concentrate possession and distribution.



While marijuana is set aside in the marijuana penalty group, THC concentrate, THC oil, THC wax, hash, and Marinol, the pill containing THC, are categorized as controlled substances. Possession or distribution of any amount of these other forms of THC are charged as felony offenses. 



The weight of any controlled substance for which you are charged contains any dilutants, meaning that any substance which is mixed in with a controlled subance counts toward the weight. Therefore if THC or marijuana is cooked or baked you can be charged with the entire weight of the edible. 









We have handled both misdemeanors and felonies dealing with marijuana and its derivatives and are willing to fight for you if you are facing allegations.  

An outline of the Schedules of Controlled Substances can be found at the Texas Department of State Health Services website or downloaded below.

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