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DWI/DUI Allegations

If you're charged with a Driving Intoxication Offense you'll need an attorney that knows the system and has experience dealing with the prosecutors. Sarah Coco Morris is ready to help guide you and get the best possible outcome for your case.   

Please contact us today so we can form a defense strategy for you or your loved one. The faster we can get started on the case the more we can do to help.

Sarah Coco Morris, Denton DWI Attorney

DWI allegations can be intimidating and confusing to navigate. You could be dealing with driver's license suspension and bond conditions which include a deep lung device and reporting to probation before you even face a conviction. We can help you navigate and fight DWI allegations. Having handled many DWI cases, the Law Office of Sarah Coco Morris, will look closely at the issues of your specific case, be that probable cause for the stop, an illegally obtained blood draw, or allegations which simply do not match the evidence in your case Contact us today to see how we can help.

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