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Court Appointed Clients

The Law Office can only take clients by appointment through Denton County Courts Indigency System. This page is published to provide court appointed clients with basic information about the system. If you need a court appointed attorney, here is a link to the Denton County Indigent Defense page: Indigent Defense | Denton County, TX

Please note that, in the court appointed system, neither clients nor attorneys have a say in which attorney is appointed to which client. After the application is approved and accepted by the courts, the courts will randomly select an attorney for the client from the court appointed attorney wheel. 


Our law office hopes this information is helpful to indigent clients who do not have funds to retain an attorney.  If you would like the retain The Law Office of Sarah Coco Morris, please contact us.  


If you have been given Sarah Coco Morris as a Court-Appointed Attorney, it would be greatly beneficial if you would fill out the Client Information Sheet to get started. Please text 469.665.9971 with your name and date of birth so that your number will be saved by the practice. If you get a new phone number or email address please update as soon as possible with the practice. There are quite a few situations that can be helped by keeping your information accurate with your attorney. If Sarah can reach you, there are many times when she can get in front of situations in which you would otherwise incur a warrant and be placed back in jail.


What Can I do to Stay Out of Jail:


Speak with Sarah about your bond conditions. Send a text picture or email your bond conditions to Sarah. She can help interpret these for you and keep you from violating bond so you can stay out of jail. If you have a Class A DWI, a DWI 2nd or a DWI with blood test over 0.15, you will need to adhere to very specific conditions of bond. Get in touch today. 


Stay in touch with your bondsman. This is in the most important thing you can do to stay out of jail, if you have a bondsman. Do not miss your check-ins and if you do, let Sarah know immediately. 


Stay away from situations that could pull an allegation for a new offense. If there are friends you have who are indulging in semi-criminal activity or who cannot stay out of trouble, find new friends. People who get in trouble will only keep getting you in trouble.


Indigent Defense: How the Court-Appointed Attorney System Works


If you have a court-appointed attorney in Denton County you have been approved as indigent. There are some courts in Denton County which require you appear at hearings for employment verification for you to prove you are actively seeking work. If this is the case, be on time and show up. The Court can issue a warrant if you do not appear and will do so. Your court-appointed counsel is not required to be present at these hearings, however, do not discuss the facts of the case without your attorney present in any situation after you have been appointed counsel or before.  


Court-Appointed representation does not mean free representation:


Denton County does not have a public defender office, the county draws from a list of attorneys who have applied and been approved for court-appointed  cases. These attorneys will bill the county for the time spent at a reduced rate. If your case is dropped so are the fees. ​

If you are found guilty or take a plea deal you will be required to reimburse the county for the attorney's bill. ​In those cases ​the Court will add in the attorney fees to your court costs and you will​ very likely​ be eligible for a payment plan​ to the County​. You may apply for your payment plan at the clerk's windows on the second floor of the the Denton County Courts Building after the finalization of your case.

​To minimize fees and time spent on your case you can summarize your case facts on our form or send a bullet-point email of your situation. This helps with efficiency and minimizes time spent. You can also keep calls and text strings short and on point. Make sure your attorney is aware of your prior arrests and case outcomes, and your needs for the case at hand. Filling out the Client-Form helps Sarah keep these main issues easily on hand. ​


If My Court-Appointed Attorney is Paid by the County, who does She or He Represent?


You. Your court-appointed attorney is appointed​ to represent you and your needs. Just like in a situation where a parent is paying for an adult child's legal representation, the client is still the person who is represented, not the parent. You are the client and Sarah's job is to zealously represent you. Attorney-client privilege exists in this scenario just like it does for any retained client. You​r​ needs and goals are what is paramount in the case.


System Help Designed for You:


If you are an indigent client you have access to certain ​resources​ specifically designed for you. Certain probation fees and other costs can be waived or minimized. Ask about which forms you should request. Copy and keep records of ANY indigency​ paperwork you fill out, and keep it with you for use during and after your case. An organized client helps maximize your attorney's effort. 

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