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Sarah Coco has taken an opportunity to work in non-profit law and is unable to take new cases.


Law Office of Sarah Coco Morris, PLLC is closed.


We are extraordinarily grateful to our previous clients for choosing our representation. It has been our clients, and fighting for their constitutional rights, that has been the most rewarding part of the practice. Thank you for your trust in our defense and for inspiring us to fight more battles. 

Law Office Address:

Sarah Coco Morris is a different attorney from Sarah Roland (though confusingly they share the same first name and Sarah Coco rented office space from Sarah Roland); Sarah Roland, Criminal Defense Attorney, is reachable through her own website and google business listing.

Nothing on this site constitutes legal advice, nor does anything contained herein create an attorney-client relationship with the reader. Sarah is no longer practicing criminal defense / private representation. Please note that the law office's previous phone number is no longer in service.


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