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The Law Office of Sarah Coco Morris

"Protecting those of the Lord's children who have fallen short of perfection from the wrath of those who believe they have attained it"  

-Stuart Kindard

Citizen Defense

When a person is accused of a crime they are either appointed or must seek out a Criminal Defense Attorney.  According to the law you are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. We believe the term should be Citizen Defense instead of Criminal Defense. The prosecution must prove beyond all reasonable doubt the elements of the allegation. We are here to defend your rights and make sure you have the best representation possible. The practice continually devotes itself to placing client needs at the focus of every legal issue.

Legal Advice

Experience with Vision

If you are facing a legal issue, ​the practice is​ here to help interpret the laws designed to protect you.​ At the Law Office of Sarah Coco Morris, you will find legal advice suited particularly to your needs, and an attorney willing to do what is necessary to get you the legal help required. Each client and situation is unique, even with as many cases as Sarah has handled she realizes each person and their specific situation have differing needs and priorities. When you speak with Sarah, she will prioritize your goals for the case and give you an idea of what results to expect. It is her mission to give honest and accurate information while understanding your unique goals for your case.  Please fill out the Client Information Form, so the practice has a better understanding of your needs. ​


Legal Representation

Justice for You

If you find yourself in a position where you need help; find an attorney who can represent you as an individual, find an attorney who knows the system, and who will protect your ​constitutional ​rights. You may be dealing with a difficult situation, but your life does not have to be over just because of legal issues, a false accusation​,​ or one mistake. Seek out a person who can help.

Call or Text 469.665.9971 for help, or email:

Texas State Bar Certified Defense Attorney Sarah Morris

Legal Aid

Sarah allots a great deal of her time to indigent defense in Denton County. If you are a court-appointed client there are resources set up just to help you. Please see the Court-Appointed page to get some general information regarding the court process. Feel free to send Sarah an email about your case:

Denton Criminal Defense

Proven Success

Sarah Coco​ Morris' practice seeks to protect the rights of persons, as individuals. Constitutional guarantees of individual rights; protected by checks and balances on government systems, enable attorneys to whole-heartedly represent their clients in court. Sarah C. Morris founded her law practice on the belief that each person has a constitutional right to a presumption of innocence; that each individual has a right to be heard by his attorney and ​have a voice in the system​. As an attorney, one must understand the ​C​onstitutional value in protecting and representing the individual rights of every person. If the rights of some are diminished and destroyed without just process, then the rights of all are effected and will vanish.


"The results on my son's case, because of her absolute due diligence, was a success. My son and I are both very happy with the outcome. I will highly recommend Sarah to anyone who may need a criminal Attorney, because she will work hard to get the best outcome for you."

Denton Texas Attorney

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